Welcome to Progressive NLP Training

Progressive NLP courses are more than just another NLP course, because we take NLP into the next generation by linking it into the developing realm of energy psychology and the mind/body/spirit connection.

Progressive NLP offer a 20 day NLP Practitioner course, which also includes Energy Psychology, Hypnosis and EMDR, all for a total fee of £1,990.00 payable over the 12 month duration of the course. After completing the practitioner course you’ll be entitled to attend any future practitioner level courses,
free of charge, as a postgraduate assistant to further your learning.

If you decide you want to become a Master Practitioner you’ll need to attend an additional 10 days training, as we move even deeper into the NLP skills and application. The cost of this is only £950 payable over the ten month duration of the course.

Master Practitioner training usually follows the practitioner course but this is entirely optional and could be taken at a later date subject to availability of places.

Spreading the training and costs over a 12 to 18 month period makes it easier to incorporate what you’ll be learning into your daily life and without breaking the bank to do it.

The 20 day course covers all the content suggested by ANLP, The Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming for NLP Practitioner qualifications and in addition covers Hypnosis, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) as well as several Energy Psychology techniques being used by therapists all over the world.  Our aim is to help you learn NLP skills and the application of those skills to help yourself and your career and, if you choose the therapist route, any clients you see as a Practitioner of NLP. Hypnosis, EMDR and other Energy Psychology techniques are an addition to your toolbox.

"What a life changing year I've had. My husband has noticed such a difference in me, I'm calmer, more relaxed and have a completely different outlook on life. I came onto the course following a recommendation from a friend thinking not a lot will change in me personally, I'll just learn some new techniques and help other people. How wrong was I? Well, I wasn't as well balanced as I thought I was. Philip has helped me see that you have to sort yourself out before you can help others, and I really did. Here's an example - I have worked for the same organisation for 24 years and this course has taught me to live for now and that I had a fear of failure that I hadn't realised. I overcame that using techniques Philip taught us and have now secured another role that I'm so excited about and am due to start in September- thank you Philip for enabling me to grow and meet a group of great like-minded people".  Karen