I can't thank you enough Philip for the personal transformation your course has given me. My husband has seen this amazing transformation over the past year and comments how my confidence, motivation, and self belief have impacted every part of our family life. I also know my fellow students and yourself and Glenys have seen this transformation for yourselves. I am now so excited about where my future is going and can't wait to take my training further with you lovely people on the master practitioner course. I would wholeheartedly recommend that anyone and everyone attend your practitioner course but beware you may not recognise yourself at the end. Thank you. Dr Annette Chester

‘I came on the course to gain the tools to help myself before I could help others and got exactly that.  The greatest learning for me was understanding why people think the way they do and how we unconsciously support that through language and behaviour that we have been taught.  It’s been a real awakening and life changing experience and I use NLP tools every day to help everyone around me.  I’ve fallen in love with life again and would highly recommend it’ Maria DeGiorgio.

"What a life changing year I've had. My husband has noticed such a difference in me, I'm calmer, more relaxed and have a completely different outlook on life. I came onto the course following a recommendation from a friend thinking not a lot will change in me personally, I'll just learn some new techniques and help other people. How wrong was I? Well, I wasn't as well balanced as I thought I was. Philip has helped me see that you have to sort yourself out before you can help others, and I really did. Here's an example - I have worked for the same organisation for 24 years and this course has taught me to live for now and that I had a fear of failure that I hadn't realised. I overcame that using techniques Philip taught us and have now secured another role that I'm so excited about and am due to start in September- thank you Philip for enabling me to grow and meet a group of great like-minded people".  Karen Richardson.

"Being part of this year's ( 2015/2016) Progressive NLP Training group has been nothing short of life-changing for me. Philip's NLP knowledge, experience & Spiritual knowing enables him to facilitate amazing results for those who attend. He also empowers us with the core understanding that these personal abilities were present-  within ourselves, all along- we just hadn't  realised it! Thank you for the awakening , Philip-Blessed to know you.  Love to both you & Glenys". Laraine Angela Turner x

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the excellent NLP Practitioners course you hosted this year.  Your considerable experience, and the passion you have for it, was evident in the delivery of the course, not to mention the generous way in which you shared your knowledge to the group.  It made learning a pleasure, and a complex subject seem much easier.  The logical way you brought together different aspects each session really meshed together. The way you encouraged questions, and ensured that each student felt confident in doing so, meant that any areas of confusion for individual course members were clarified and this considerably aided the learning process. The supervised practical exercises were invaluable in developing our skills and ensured that we were practising in a safe and effective manner.  Towards the end of the course the 'pieces of the jigsaw' fitted together perfectly and everything seemed to slip into place as you promised it would at the very beginning.  The course has changed the way I approach my life and has challenged the way I think.  It has been of enormous personal benefit, and I am in no doubt that what I have learnt will also complement my acupuncture practice and the patients I treat.  A real game-changer for me, and it's all down to you, so thank you very much indeed.  Love and thanks.  Alison

"Its amazing to look back at the last 10 months as I complete the NLP Course with Philip to see how different things are.  I am a different person for the better.  I don't get stressed anymore, any problem that comes up seems easily coped with and I have a host of tools I can use to help myself and others.  If you have an interest in NLP, self development, do any kind of therapy and would like to know more about how life works, how we work and how to be in control of it rather than it controlling you I can't recommend this course enough.  Philip is very flexible with the course content and adapts to the group to make sure we all understand each element and get what we want out of the course.  Thank you Philip" Paul

“Philip’s course has changed my life completely, I am more “me” and finding my direction, physically, mentally and spiritually. Though I feel what’s listed below is only part of it, part of what happened during last year, I have made decisions I would not have thought I would have been able to make. I feel a more loving, caring and trusting person, therefore I feel less stressed, less fearful or wrong. I am slowly giving up perfectionism, I don’t care what people think of me, I listen to my inner voice more and more and am more intuitive. I know what is better for me and don’t want or need to please anyone anymore. I feel the energies of people more often and find I can just listen to them without giving advice. I can accept the things I know I have no control over which I had never been able to before, like other family member’s mistakes and stupidity. I have started to experience self-love and enjoy the small things in life. I practice forgiveness and realise that we create our own reality and that I have the power now to change mine. The world is beautiful. Thank you for all these things. With love”. Betti.

"I have just completed the NLP Practitioner course with Philip Underwood. It is without doubt a life changing experience!  Not only have I learned many tools for helping clients to change their lives but it has benefitted me greatly as well.  The class sizes are small (12-13 people) so each pupil gets plenty of opportunities to ask questions relevant to them. Philip is a fantastic tutor - his many years experience as a practitioner and tutor have given him a vast amount of knowledge which he uses to great effect.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn more about NLP".  Sally Reed

"I am a qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist. I had an interest in finding out more about NLP and adding some additional tools to my kit. A psychotherapist colleague met Philip and said that he was amazing...... and he certainly is. I signed up and joined Philip for the Practitioner training last September and I have not been disappointed. Especially because I work with short term (4, 5 or 6 session) counselling for work place employees, using NLP techniques for calming, restructuring and stabilising has been invaluable. I have had very positive feedback from my clients. Philip is always prepared to “go the extra mile” and offer me advice and support to help me to develop my practice. Philip’s course is professionally structured and I have been provided with a wealth of information that is straightforward to read, understand and integrate. I would not hesitate to recommend this training to open minded counsellors and psychotherapists. If you undertake this training, you will most certainly not be disappointed...... Go on, give it a go!" Shirley Hemmings MBACP. BSc (Hons) in Humanistic and Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy

"I have just completed Philip's NLP Practitioner course. Was it interesting and enjoyable? Yes. Was it challenging and thought provoking? Yes. Has it changed my life? Yes, yes, yes! It's difficult to pinpoint specific areas where my life has changed as a result of Philip's training - because every single part of it has changed. Philip has just given me the operating manual for my mind. This course has shown me techniques for improving every aspect of my life, and that in turn has had a positive impact on my family, friends and pretty much everyone I come into contact with. I was a happy person before I started NLP but now I am experiencing a feeling of joy that I have never before had. It feels like I have given myself a great gift and one that I am passing on to my children. I have now achieved objectives that I have been struggling with for years. I manage my anxieties and worries and love knowing that I can choose my state. I am evangelical about NLP, and wish it was a compulsory subject at school. If everyone knew about this, the world would be a happier, more peaceful place. The format of monthly weekend sessions means that every subject is dealt with in great detail, with lots of practice. Philip is loving, challenging, provoking, generous and has a great sense of humour. I recommend this course to everyone. No matter whether for personal or professional reasons, you will be so glad you enrolled". Debbie Boon.

"I joined the Progressive NLP course in September 2012 as an empty shell, who had lived her life to please others for 50 years, with an overwhelming sense of guilt for all the things I thought “I should not have done” and all the things I thought “I should be doing”. I was lost and alone in a busy chaotic life of “doing”. I have now completed the Practitioner course, having learnt so much about the way we think and the power of changing those thinking patterns. I want to shout out loud: this was the best GIFT/ INVESTMENT I have ever made to myself. My life is now the life “I WANT” I look in the mirror and do not recognise the happy, smiling shiny reflection! I now have a gift deep within, a knowing that “I AM WORTHY” whatever I choose to do or not to do". "By attending and thoroughly enjoying NLP with Philip, I have the tools to “Save myself from myself” Rosalie Marwood- Mellor. Barnard Castle.

Philip is a truly remarkable individual, he has personally helped me first as a therapist to help me overcome many limiting beliefs and to improve personal patterns of behaviour to enable me to become a more effective and hopefully more likable individual. When I heard that Philip was offering the course to enable me to learn more about and better understand the techniques involved I signed up immediately. I particularly liked the format of learning over a year. The course is so packed with useful information it would be impossible to take it on board for me in any other way. Doing it one weekend a month has enabled me to take away new understanding and apply it immediately and then build on it month by month. Add to this Philip's 30 years of knowledge and unique insight into all aspects of what I would call accelerated personal development techniques and you have a truly unique course which offers exceptional value for money to anyone who wants to learn and then make use of what they have learnt. To benefit themselves and all those people they come into contact with." Alan Kaye York.

"I am nearing completion of the practitioner's course and I can honestly say that it has been a life-changing experience. I have learnt so much about myself and how to interact more effectively with others. I am better able to control my reactions to triggers and this has enriched my life greatly. I look forward to every course weekend eagerly. Philip created a warm, safe, stimulating environment from the start. The friendly, informal atmosphere makes for a highly enjoyable learning experience. Although I am looking forward to qualifying and helping others, I shall almost be sorry when the course ends. I will definitely be enrolling on the Master Practitioner course." Hazel Simpson Scunthorpe.

"Since undertaking Philip's NLP training, I have been consistently impressed with the material being delivered and the outcomes I am already seeing within my personal and professional lives. The NLP and additional skills Philip is teaching are both far-reaching and practical. I can already see the benefits to my clients of the integration of NLP principles into my therapeutic practice. I highly recommend this training and the trainer, whether your goal is personal or professional development." Alan McPherson. Leicester.

"Philip is a talented and expert NLP master practitioner and I would recommend his program to either individuals or to busnesses wishing to maximise the potential of their managment and staff. As a coach his methods are clear and concise allowing each indvidual to develop their own methods within the complex field of Neuro Linguistic Programming." David Nundy Brigg.

"I bought my first book on NLP over 3 years ago and having read it, passed off NLP as just another one of the many ways available to develop yourself. It's only once I started attending the Progressive NLP course that I saw NLP for what it truly was. More than that, I begun to be affected by it in all the positive ways that I had read about but had never experienced. This was a big lesson for me in that your understanding has everything to do with how you are taught and by whom. I'm just thankful that I came on Philip's course because, had I gone on one of the 'get you in, get you out' 7 day courses that are out there, I may have written off NLP for good and missed out on this experience that has changed my life forever." Chris Coney. WebChefs. Tel: 01522 306 103 Mob: 07736 276 392 www.WebChefs.co www.twitter.com/WebChefsCo

"It is one thing to read about NLP in a book and another thing altogether to actually see it happen in front of your eyes and experiment with it yourself.  We have just completed the first weekend of our NLP Practitioner course with Philip Underwood and not only have we already have had our minds blown but we also know we are in good hands with Philip who is making the information easy to absorb.  Even though Laraine and I are doing the course for different reasons we both feel it is suited perfectly for what we both want to do.  My advice to anyone thinking about taking a course in NLP is to speak to Philip." Paul Turner Grantham

"I have just recently completed the NLP Practitioner Training Programme delivered by Philip Underwood. Philip’s expert knowledge and 30 years of experience in the art of NLP enables this powerful course content to shine above other NLP courses. Initially, I enrolled to learn about myself however, on completion of this phenomenal course, my own personal life changing experiences allow me to offer help to others. This course is highly recommended for people of all ages, in all walks of life. My personal opinion of this course is that attendance can't fail to improve your life and the lives of many others".
"I contacted Philip in May 2012; I had been considering attending his NLP training for some time but the “thought” of spending money on myself had, until then prevented me. I however felt that this course was essential in my quest to “re-build my life” and his reply was so nice that I signed up. Philips reply: “You'll find we're very friendly here and quite willing to help you in any way we can, especially as it's the start of a new life for you.” Jennifer Blackburn BSC(HONS). POD. MED.

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