Why Progressive NLP?

There are many courses and training programmes dedicated to teaching NLP and many are offered over a condensed seven day period. Experience has taught us that it’s extremely difficult to get a full understanding of - and the confidence to use - the techniques that NLP has to offer in such a short, condensed, space of time.

Short courses need some form of monitored, continued study and practice, provided by the trainers to support the participants after the course. Quite often people attending a short duration course are left to their own devices and feel isolated; they fail to follow through with what they have learned because the additional support by the trainers was not available.

This NLP training programme overcomes that difficulty by only working with small groups, (maximum 12) and spreading the material needed to become a proficient NLP practitioner over a twelve month period. During this time you will be supported as your knowledge and confidence grows.

By designing our courses to run this way participants are better able to grasp the concepts, conduct any homework and practice what they are learning with their family and friends, without interrupting their busy lives too much.

Support during any learning period is essential as you may have questions which will need to be answered in order for you to fully benefit from the course. With this in mind you will be encouraged to liaise with others on the course and practice with one another to perfect your growing skills.

The training programme follows a logical sequence and because we place the emphasis on what you can learn, some aspects of NLP are visited and added to several times. This will help you build on your understanding of the subject matter as your course unfolds. As you become more and more familiar with the life changing material, you’ll find easy ways to integrate what you’re learning into your daily life. Whatever your chosen occupation and reasons for learning NLP are you'll have all the tools you need to reach your full potential.

There are no exams at the end of the course because your progress is monitored over the duration of your course. This gives the trainers the opportunity to help you if additional help is necessary. Comprehensive course material is provided and you will be encouraged to complete the homework, which is mainly making notes of both your observations and the results of your practice. Assessments are made on an on-going basis.