Master Practitioner Course

Our Master Practitioner course runs one Saturday a month spread over a 10 month period and only in groups of 12 to 14 people. As with our Practitioner course it also covers all the Master Practitioner skill requirements suggested by ANLP as a core curriculum for certification as an NLP Master Practitioner. These include:

Full integration and mastery of the core practitioner skills including: behavioural competency, flexibility and attitude, Conscious and unconscious embodiment of NLP’s presuppositions, tracking and calibration skills.

The course covers advanced: submodality work, timeline work, Milton modelling, Meta programmes, values and change work including phobia cures, modelling and other advanced patterns and techniques expected for Master Practitioner Certification.

The duration of the course is only 10 days but delegates with limited NLP practitioner experience will be expected to attend an additional 6 days acting as Post Graduate assistants on our practitioner level courses when space and times allow. There are no fees for Post Graduate positions.

Our next Master Practitioner Course starts on October the 7th 2018.